Heating Furnace Maintenance Plan

The best way to avoid bad performance and efficiency issues is to schedule annual furnace maintenance with Genco Electrical and Mechanical Ltd. in Canada. A properly maintained furnace will stay in prime working condition longer, providing continuous comfort throughout the winter season.

At Genco, we offer a variety of furnace maintenance and tune-up plans. Some of the most important checks include:

  • Examine and clean gas burner section: Our experts inspect the heating exchange surface for chips or signs of wear, which is critical to maintaining peak efficiency.
  • Verify correct airflow and blower operation:This practice ensures air is properly circulating through your facility to bring warmth for the highest comfort.
  • Confirm calibration of gas valve: We examine your unit’s fuel operation to keep the right amount of pressure delivered to the furnace. A properly functioning gas valve is important for efficiency and safety.
  • Examine all electrical components: Many of your system’s electrical parts should be checked annually for damage, corrosion and safe operation. The last thing you need is a problem with one of these parts on a cold winter night!