About Us

Genco Electrical and Mechanical Ltd. is providing HVAC design, installation and repair services to the home-owners/business-owners of Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for 10+ years.

Genco Electrical and Mechanical is also a well-known and leading service provider of water heaters, water treatment, furnaces, air conditioners and other HVAC rental products, protection plans and related services.

Comfort can mean different things to different people but what it means to us is always ensuring your facility (home or building) is just the way you like it. Cool when it’s hot outside. Warm when it’s cold outside. Apart from your HVAC needs, we also ensure that the hot water you need to keep your day runs smoothly. Customer Satisfaction is our goal! 24x7 Service is provided by Genco to all of our clients.

We keep hundreds of customers comfortable every month. It’s all about the wellness of your home or building – and it’s what we do.