Air Make Up unit

Air quality is important. A new air make up unit will supply fresh, filtered air to your occupants, while maintaining positive air pressure in your building.

What’s positive air pressure, and why is it important?

Positive air pressure allows for proper operation of your mechanical systems, such as gas-fired or vented appliances. It prevents the presence of carbon monoxide, helps contain odors and decreases the risk of fire spreading throughout your building.

Air make-up units are needed where large volumes of air are being exhausted. It supplies healthy air to employees that work indoors all day long. Typical applications include multi-residential buildings, hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities, restaurants, office buildings and shopping malls.

Are you seeing common signs of negative pressure in your building? They include:
  • Doors being hard to open
  • Stale air within the space

Our technicians and Energy Management Consultants are experienced in identifying and correcting negative air pressures. We’ll customize an air make up unit to match the volume of air that is exhausted from your building. With properly-sized equipment and regular maintenance, Genco will keep your equipment running at optimal efficiency.