Boilers Sales

Businesses across Canada use boiler (hydronic) systems for heat and hot water, and to power industrial processes. But boiler systems, especially older ones, are far from optimally efficient. They lose significant heat energy, especially through flue gasses.

Boilers at Genco are available with all advanced features such as:

  • Motorized dampers to prevent heat escaping up the chimney by automatically closing the boiler flue when the unit idles.
  • Sealed combustion technology to ensure that the air required for combustion and dilution comes from the outside and not the indoor warm space.
  • Electric ignitions to eliminate the need for the wasteful, fuel-powered pilot flames that are used by older boilers.
  • Pulse combustion technology to create rapid combustion pulses inside the boiler’s combustion chamber. The result is that more efficient heat transfers inside the heat exchanger.
  • Fan-assisted combustion technology to eliminate the need for dilution air and improve the mixing of fuel, resulting in less excess air and improved efficiency.