Install Furnace

We not only sell and maintain your new furnace but we also provide the highest quality expert furnace installation. Our goal is to install your furnace professionally and efficiently. With 10+ years of experience, we’ve perfected our expert furnace installation process. Here’s what you can expect from our expert installers in the Greater Toronto Area:

  • Quality installation: Our highly-trained installation technicians maintain the most prestigious technical certifications around. In other words, they have an abundance of experience and they’re up to speed with the new technology.
  • Spotless installation: When we’re inside your business, we’ll wear shoe covers to protect your floors from any dirt we might carry in. Our drop cloths around the installation area also help prevent a mess.
  • Complete check: After we finish up, we go through an installation quality control checklist to confirm the heating and cooling equipment is working the right way before we leave.
  • Meeting or exceeding local code: we’ll always install your new furnace to local code, and we frequently go above and beyond, for the highest quality installation that you can get.