Water Heaters Installation Services

When you replace your water heater, you need reliable service and a trusted brand name. With Genco, you get both. We only carry reliable products. Our Installation Services professionals are authorized and insured, and they will expertly remove the old unit and replace it with a new unit. It is recommended that you always use a licensed, professional installer because the installation of a water heater deals with carbon monoxide, natural gas, and a pressure-controlled holding tank. Any one of these factors could cause catastrophic damage and/or injury if the unit is not installed properly.

Our trained professionals know all of the necessary codes and safety factors. When installed by our expert technicians, you don’t need to worry! We also offer additional on-site maintenance services for the Water Heaters.

Same-day service in some geographic areas is available. If applicable in your area, book an appointment in-store before noon, and we’ll install your unit the same day.

A basic water heater installation consists of the following:
  • Delivery of new water heater to your home
  • Disconnection of existing unit and removal for disposal
  • Installation of a new unit in the same unobstructed area and reconnection of existing gas, electric, water and venting lines.
  • Provision of nipples, couplings and copper tubing for direct reconnect.
  • Testing of new water heater to insure proper operation.
  • Final cleanup of job site and walk-through with customer.

Building permit and new building code upgrades may be required by your local municipality and thus additional charges will apply in this case.

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