Design & Installation of HVAC Balancing and Controls

Genco electric offers a 24-hour, 7-day service for all our trades, along with a full range of preventative maintenance and service contracts and we ensure a one to two hour emergency response time to all requests.

Genco maintains a fleet of service vehicles, stocked with major brand HVAC replacement parts. Our fields of qualifications include:

  • Mechanical(Plumbing, Domestic Hot Water, Pumps, Gas Piping)
  • Heating (Boilers, Heat Pumps)
  • Air Conditioning (Roof Top Units, Make Up Air Units, Split Systems)
  • Ventilation (Sheet Metal, Exhaust Systems, Duct Cleaning)
  • Refrigeration (Industrial/Commercial Coolers and Freezers)
  • Electrical (Power Wiring, Controls, Building Automation Systems)
  • Asbestos (Removal, Containment, Encapsulation and Disposal)
  • Insulation (Mechanical Ducting and Piping, and Generator Exhausts)
  • Life Safety (Sprinklers, Fire Alarm, Fire Detection)