Businesses We Serve

  • Academic

    We continue to offer a wide range of electrical and mechanical services to different Universities, Colleges and Schools. Our services range from newly constructed academic buildings, student residences, and research facilities to renovations and replacements of heating, cooling and electrical systems in elementary schools.  Our quality workmanship, attention to detail, and realistic solutions allow us to provide the services our customers have come to expect which is set at high standard. We are proud that we are a part of building the future of our next generations.

  • Health care

    By bringing together experts from multiple areas to analyze, brainstorm, design, and execute, we deliver electrical and mechanical solutions that leverage technological innovation from the inside out to make healthcare better. Our facilities are as respectful to the environment as they are beneficial to patients, by optimizing energy, reducing carbon footprints and leveraging automated systems. Healthy communities depend on smart healthcare facilities – where experts can make swift, accurate decisions and act on them with confidence. We’re here to make sure that happens, today, tomorrow and into the future.

  • Government

    We provide various government agencies and municipalities the electrical and mechanical services they require to do their job. Weather it be large scale correctional facilities, water pumping stations, sewage treatment plants, or law enforcement headquarters, electrical and mechanical systems need to be there and not let down because our governmental services are not meant to let us down either.

  • Retail

    We have completed numerous commercial and industrial projects across the province from parking garages, large administrative and warehousing centres, automotive manufacturing facilities, to seniors’ residential complexes. If you have a project that you would like us to consider, please reach out, we will be pleased to sit down with you.

  • Industrial

    We are willing and able to satisfy the electrical and mechanical services needs of all walks of clientele. Genco services are provided to all type of Malls, Plazas, Offices, Restaurants and Stores.

  • Recreation & Social

    It’s the experience that makes or breaks a live event, be it a sports game, or a concert. Genco Electric creates, installs the electrical and mechanical infrastructures of sports and entertainment facilities of all sizes and complexity. Our Electrical, Mechanical and Systems experts work in concert with professional consultants to seamlessly bring those events to life through expertise, dedication and ingenuity.

    From the main power supply to the lights and ventilation systems that are so integral to the performance, we install it all. With decades of experience in this industry, we can leverage our foresight to anticipate issues, identify opportunities and create new innovations – before the construction crews break ground.

    We make sure every electrical outlet, data jack, facet, and air handling system perform on cue – safely and dependably.